Simplicity, flexibility, scalability for HR professionals who want to manage people, not processes

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Can you confidently say your employee data is up to date and accurate?
Every HR simplifies the management of all key employee information storing this centrally and generating automated alerts to review out of date data. As well as securely storing the information, Every HR provides insightful graphs and charts, bringing the data to life and assisting data-driven, strategic decisions.

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Starter/leaver Tasks

With workflows and automated tasks function, Every automatically generates starter/leaver tasks for an easy and efficient induction/leaving process

Role-based System

Every HR is role-based meaning it the software has the structure and functionality to cater for employees with multiple job roles

Strategic Actions

With quick and easy access to employee analytics, you'll be able to make for informed and timely
data-driven decisions rather than leaving it to guesswork.

Good Estates Management for Schools
Good Estates Management for Schools


Streamline and simplify your processes by having one central place for employees to request leave, view outstanding training, view their complete tasks and read mandatory documents. The Online Portal helps employees notify you of changes in their personal data to help you keep up to date, reducing admin and mistakes. You’ll have access to relevant employee data from your central staff record and the ability to update selected fields with a clear and complete audit trail of changes.

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Increase Productivity

Employees can submit updates to their key data and request leave so managers can quickly approve it

Highlights Outstanding Training

Highlights outstanding training to be completed along with due dates

Employee Insight

Employees can view their objectives, observations and reviews

Staff Absence Management

Poor staff attendance has a major impact on the performance of your school. With so many factors and variables to look at, identifying trends and reducing absences can seem like a daunting task. With our staff absence management software, you can better manage and monitor employee leave and absences with your own dashboard, central calendar and reports. Not only does the system automate the more mundane tasks reducing admin, but it also reduces the risk of human error and provides accurate real-time information about staff absence.

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Prevent Problems

You can set customisable absence triggers with email notifications so you can identify trends to prevent problems escalating.

Increased Efficiency

Employees can request leave, managers can quickly approve it so no more going back and forth with emails. Not only do we accomodate all types of absence, Employees can also log and request TOIL reducing Admin and providing accurate real-time information about staff absence

Automatic Calculation

Automatic calculation of sick pay dates and Maternity Leave inline with multiple policies for different Job roles

Good Estates Management for Schools
Good Estates Management for Schools

Single Central Record

This is a critical component of a successful OFSTED inspection and it’s often a surprise how many gaps there may be, particularly with long-serving staff members, when you’re preparing for that visit. With Every HR you’ll have a dedicated central record module that clearly shows where the gaps are, and not just at inspection time. The automated alerts and informative dashboard will help you feel that little bit less stressed on inspection.

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Highlights Errors

Highlights errors and missing checks related to completion of the SCR

Identifies Discrepancies

Dashboard identifies discrepancies, issues and missing information when checks are not fully completed

Checks Employee Information

Automatically checks if employee information and the SCR data correlate

School Workforce Census

As a significant administrative task yet with little direct benefit to the school we appreciate that the simpler and quicker this exercise can be completed, the better. Every HR is an integrated, modular system that collects and uses the data from the Employees portal, displaying it clearly so you can be reassured that your information is up to date and ready for when you need to submit the data to the DfE.

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Pre-processes and error checks so you have confidence your data fits within the DfE guidelines and requirements


Prohibits duplicate staff records so no more trawling through checking your data


Saves time collating the data ready to submit to the DfE

Good Estates Management for Schools
Good Estates Management for Schools

Payroll Reporting

We know that HR has a direct impact on payroll considerations including changes in bank details, absences and changes in contracts. Every HR has a dedicated, integrated, Payroll Reporting module that collates key employee data, incorporating changes and prepares it for your payroll system or provider of choice.

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Automatically Updates Information

Changes made to employee information will automatically update so the data is included for the next payroll

Notifications of Changes

Readily available reports and optional email notifications make you aware of any changes

Data avaiLable through API

Encrypted data available through API or via automated reporting for payroll software or external bureaus

Documents & Policies

A key component of effective HR is the management of important documents and policies. Knowing that employees have access to only the latest, published version of policies and that you can verify they have confirmed their acceptance of them is so important. Often HR issues/cases can be unnecessarily complicated through gaps in the audit trail of policy management. Every HR has an integrated Policies module that is ideal for plugging these gaps.

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The easy to use dashboard gives you an overview of what’s going on in your organisation, so you’re always in the know. You can clearly see that the correct document is up-to-date and the current version in use.


Distribute documents to staff members individually or through groups. Keep a track of those documents that have been read and acknowledge by which staff member by quickly viewing stats

Automatic Publishing

Every automatically updates and publishes the correct and current version to your school or trust website

Good Estates Management for Schools
Good Estates Management for Schools


Case management can be described as jumping through a lot of hoops and over hurdles. Important tasks need to be completed at certain times over a certain period, in a certain order. It’s no wonder this area of HR management is stressful for all involved. Every HR reduces this stress with automated tasks with scheduled notifications so you can manage any type of case including flexible working requests through to disputes and appeals. The security in Every HR also means privacy and discretion is maintained.

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Breakdown of Case History

Provides a complete and detailed breakdown of employees case history


Track meetings and appeals with a full audit log of all notes against the case

Automated notifications

Never miss a meeting with automated email notifications of times and dates


In our experience employees take as much interest in their objectives and performance reviews as the organisation. Both sides have a vested interest in everyone doing well. With the Performance module of Every HR all staff performance (teaching, non-teaching and leadership) can be managed from end to end. Employees can track their progress through their employee portal whilst managers can view objectives against organisational goals.

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Set Goals

Set personal goals and link to organisation wide objectives

Standardised Processes

Create templates and store observations, interim reviews and annual appraisals for standardised processes

Performance Reports

Employee performance reports help managers support and reward staff based on evidence

Good Estates Management for Schools
Good Estates Management for Schools


Training is provided through a kaleidoscope of provisions, such as video based online courses, to onsite sessions through to externally run courses. Keeping track of these as well as the training requirements of particular roles is a challenge. Every HR provides automated alerts to remind staff and their managers of upcoming or overdue courses. Compliance with training requirements is also clearly displayed in an on-screen RAG report.

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Track all types of training

Track all types of training including on and offline training

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders when training is due to stop you missing any dates

Complete Oversight

Ensure at a glance that employee’s have completed essential training

Organisation-Wide HR

We have extensive experience working with organisations such as Multi-Academy Trusts and Charities across the UK. The added sophistication of managing HR from a central location is a key consideration when choosing a HR software provider. Every HR is built to be simple, flexible and scalable so organisations of just about any size can benefit. The Multi-site dashboard allows you to have a helicopter view of key information with the ability to drill down into the detail.

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Centralise your Information

Centralise all your information with one HR system and set Trust-wide standards


Real-time RAG reporting on the broad range of HR categories across Academies

MAT admin functionality

MAT admin functionality allows you to manage trust-wide pay scales

Good Estates Management for Schools