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Events & Conferences

At Every, we recognise the importance of SBMs meeting as a group to share successes and frustrations in the ever changing education sector. Our speakers present at school networking events all over the country, from small cluster meetings to some of the largest conferences in the industry.

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Network Meetings

We welcome any opportunity to come and meet groups of heads, business managers or bursars. Our team attends meetings up and down the country every week, demonstrating our unique solutions or providing CPD sessions. We also assist schools in setting up networking groups and organising meetings in order to promote collaboration.

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Conferences & CPD Seminars

We regularly attend and speak at school conferences such as NASBM, Schools NorthEast, SBM Leaders Live, ACSL, NAHT, EdExec Live and the Academies Show. Our Director and Co-Founder Adam Watson provides specialist seminars on the following subjects:

  • Buy Better: Best Practice in Contract Management and Procurement

  • Perfecting Premises Management

  • Get Prepared: Business Continuity Planning

  • Asset Management Made Easy

  • What do our delegates say?

  • "There was a lot of great information to take in and the other bursars also found the content immensely useful"

  • "Adam was so inspiring"

  • "Many thanks for hosting two brilliant sessions at our conference"

  • "Thank you so much for coming to support us. The delegates who saw you were so positive and definitely got something out of the experience"

  • "The information was great and gave us a really good place to start"

  • "The Business Continuity Planning session was so interesting"

  • "It helped to stimulate my strategic thinking on what I need to focus on in the next six months"

  • "The session was relaxed yet informative. I have come away with knowledge and concepts to put to the headteacher"

  • "It reinforced existing knowledge whilst giving us extension ideas"

  • "The speakers were very well informed and experienced"

  • "It was very enjoyable and informative. I learned a great deal and there was lots of time for interacting and networking"

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